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About Phillips Labradors

Hello and welcome to Phillips Labradors.


Phillips Labradors is located in East Texas between Dallas and Houston on nearly eight acres in a quiet town. Having land and a swimming tank is perfect for all of the dogs to run and swim. Space allows the dogs to be dogs, playing outside rough and tough while at the same time being inside the house every night for lots of relaxation and chill time.  Most nights the bedroom is loaded down with a Labrador everywhere you look. Also, dog hair is a real thing! I was given a shirt that says “Dog Hair Don’t Care” and this is so very true. This is why I own two shop-vac’s! Even with the hair, the home environment is very clean inside and out. I am happy to share many pictures of my home, dogs, property, etc. but I do not allow visitors here, especially when I have puppies. I have rules that are followed for myself and do not deviate from this.


The goal for Phillips Labradors is to grow and maintain reputations for a quality-breeding program, raise exceptional English White Labradors that are beautiful, intelligent, and sociable family companions time and time again. I can tell you that this goal has been accomplished and I have every intention to keep accomplishing this for many years to come. All puppies are raised in our home; even have a puppy house dedicated to puppies as they grow into little butterballs!

 The mission for Phillips Labradors is to deliver speedy communication in the form of emails, phone calls, text messages, and daily pictures. I pride myself in connecting with each puppy Family from the birth of your puppy-to-puppy pick-up weekend. Striving to send constant updates with daily photos translates to about two hundred and twenty pictures for the duration of eight weeks. If anyone does not believe this, I can send you past puppy buyers’ information and they can tell you themselves! Communication is very important and I can tell you that other breeders out there are very bad communicators, so I make it my point to be very good at this.

Typically when the puppies are three weeks old, I send out emails to all families that give all the information needed about guarantees, dog food, nuvet tablets, etc. This email is my guide so that this process is easy, stress-free, and seamless. I want everyone to be stress-free, and have fun from start to finish. When puppy go home weekend finally approaches, each new owner will be given a puppy binder that will include information about microchips, receipts, contracts, AKC paperwork, life’s abundance dog food, nu-vet tablets, vet records, risk factors, and misc. In addition to the puppy binder, each new family will receive a complimentary gift bag that includes life’s abundance dog food, three day supply of nu-vet tablets, training treats, whitening shampoo, puppy blanket, and puppy toys. I know for a fact that other breeders do not do anywhere near the quality as I do when it comes to information, binders, and gift bags. I treat all families like they are the only family and treat all pups like they are my personal companions. The love and thought that goes into everything is easy for me because it’s my nature.


I am serious about what I do and take pride in our work, never cutting any corners. Having an English white Labrador in anyone’s life is a true blessing and being able to provide families with the love and joy these dogs provide, is a real honor.


Lastly, I invite all persons to visit and read the testimonial page on the website. This gives everyone an inside glimpse of what it is like to work with me for eight weeks and onward. In fact, I still communicate with each and every past family who has purchased a Phillips Labrador puppy. I love watching all puppies grow up and provide endless happiness, love, and smiles for all the families who have welcomed a Phillips Labrador pup into their home.  Please fill free to reach out if there are any questions.


Thanks again for stopping by to visit Phillips Labradors.

Austen and Bagheera


Austen Phillips

Professional Breeder and full time caretaker

I am a seventh-generation Texan and my love for Labradors has been lifelong. The happiness and love that these labs give time and time again is such a blessing. I am honored to raise and be around such sweet companions that I call family. I've always wanted to raise quality Labradors that provide Families with happiness, joy, and love, all of which is truly healing and does wonders for the soul. 



Professional Stud and full time love-bug


Bagheera is my Handsome and Very Sweet Stud. He is a known producer of calm and white puppies that posses excellent dispositions. I have never had a male dog this amazing before. He is such a love and has never done anything wrong. I am very happy and proud to call him the Phillips Labradors Stud! He is the sire used for all my females and he weighs 105 lbs. 

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