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White English Labradors


This is what I promise to you.


All pups of Phillips Labradors will be updated on 1st round of shots, dewormed, microchipped, and vet checked.


Dewclaws will be removed at three days old, as these tend to get hung up while out in the field and hunting if not removed.


Your pup will be registered with the American Kennel Club under LIMITED REGISTRATION. This means that there are no breeding rights associated with your puppy.


24 month warranty for genetic degenerative hip dysplasia (not injury). I do not guarantee any specific OFA rating. Limited to replacement of puppy only. X-ray required at owner’s expense. Verification by my vet is mandatory.


12 month warranty that your puppy will pass the CERF eye exam for any inherited diseases. Testing is done at owner’s expense. Verification by my vet is mandatory.

Phillips Labradors reserves the right to void out guarantees should for some reason the dog has been bred, malnourished, over ideal weights, fed cheap unhealthy food, transferred or sold to a new owner, or evidence of abuse/injury are present. The puppy must be fed quality food along with the NuVet tablets from the date of pickup every day for a period of 24 months. If these mandatory requirements are not met as mentioned above, then any guarantees will be null and void.

Null and Void if:

White English Labradors
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