Ace is 14 weeks old now and words can hardly express the joy he has brought to our family. We have always been lovers of English labs, but Ace is in a whole new category of greatness.

We anxiously awaited his birth and then his homecoming day and I can honestly say he was so very worth the wait. He’s the smartest lab I’ve very trained and his easy personality keeps him steady and focused.

He learned all the basic commands by 9 weeks and was completely potty trained AND using the doggy doorbell by 10 weeks. More than anything else, he is my best little buddy and goes with us everywhere.

He’s a pure delight and his handsomeness and temperament attract attention wherever we go. I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Austen and our precious new dog.


We will never purchase another dog from anywhere but Phillips Labradors.


After months and months of searching, conversing, and visiting other breeders in California (where we live) we finally found the breeder of our dreams – Phillips Labradors online.

From the moment Austin picked up the phone, I knew this was the best choice for us and our family. He was so caring and kind. The way he spoke about his babies, dam, and sires made me know he truly cared about them as if they were family which stood out to us. This is exactly what we were looking for. It was like a feeling of kismet!

Austin kept us apprised often and sent us pictures almost daily of Morah’s pregnancy appointments, through the birth of our beautiful Bailey Grace. 

His communication style is excellent and unlike other breeders who seemed disingenuous to say the least.

She is snowy white in color, has a disposition that is gentle, happy all the time, her fur so soft, and has a face like an angel and is super loving like her parents. She’s super smart and has learned to sit and come, and knows to go outside to do her business already in 5 days! She is comfortable around other animals as we have a 16-year-old cat named Buddy.

Not kidding when I say the moment we saw her it was LOVE at first sight. It truly brought me to tears finally meeting her in person. We are thankful every day that we found Austin and Chris who love their animals as much as we love our Bailey Grace. No better care can be had!

We drove back from the ranch leaving her mom and 9 siblings behind along with her first car ride- 250 miles to the airport, got on a plane 3.5 hours and then back in our car 1.5 hours to her new home.

What a dream baby the whole way. We would definitely recommend Phillips Labradors to anyone asking. Lastly, Austin and Chris sent us home with a care package for Bailey with a binder with all of the things you will need to present to your vet..all organized for ease of your baby's history. Need we say more?

Best decision we have ever made!!


Jackson is my dream puppy. When my parents bought their pup from Austen two years ago, I was immediately obsessed and knew I had to get my own eventually. Once the timing was right, we made a deposit and the waiting began.

Austen made the time between deposit and pick up fun for an excited future owner. He sent photos of Duke (the mom) and provided updates on her status while she was pregnant. Then once the babies were born, we received lots of photos and videos of the puppies. It was great to see the little pups develop over those first 8 weeks.

When it was time to pick Jackson out, we were given all the time we needed to sit with the puppies, play with and observe them. It was evident that Austen wanted to make sure we were selecting the pup that would be the best fit for us. The process was very well organized and put even a new dog owner like me at ease.

Besides being a beautiful boy, Jackson’s smart, very trainable, and has the best personality. He’s never met a stranger (human or dog), and is happiest in a room full of people. He LOVES to play – whether with people, other pups, in water, or on dry land.

But after play time or a good walk, he’s happy to take a long nap and just hang out. His favorite sleeping position is on his back with all four feet in the air. It cracks me up every time.

He’s been the most perfect addition to our life. Two months in, I can’t imagine not having him. Whether it’s his sweet good morning stretches, or his puppy pounces during a game of fetch, he keeps us smiling and laughing all day long. We already talk about eventually getting him a brother, and I wouldn’t consider going anywhere other than Phillips Labradors.




I wanted to take this time to say how pleased I am with the puppy I got from Phillips Labradors. It was remarkable that I found this website in Texas being a real Texas Gal myself.

I hit a pot of gold with this puppy she is so sweet, like Texas Tea. Wanting an English Lab, one from a good looking Sire and Dam that had a good head and chest, strong points in hunting, swimming and a great disposition.

The two short weeks that I have had her, I can tell that she will be a wonderful dog and fit right in with all of those traits. I have truly found a smart, sweet and loving companion that will bring so much joy to my life. I am truly thankful that I found her. This was Nahla’s first litter, if you are looking for a great Labrador retriever, I would recommend that you check the website out and wait for her next litter.

I am sure that you will be very pleased with Austen Phillips and his dogs. He is a great guy with a heart of gold for his dogs. He is extremely helpful, with lots of good information for a first-time owner to raise a healthy puppy.

Daily photos of the pups from day one, for eight weeks, to when you pick your puppy up, makes for a very happy and fun process of 8 weeks. Thank you for this wonderful dog, whom we named DUKE OF DUCHESS VI.




When I came across Austen’s page I knew there was something different about this one! I’ve done some research over the years trying to find the “right one” and Phillips Labradors has the best quality and care for their English Labs compared to my experience from other sources or breeders.

I am happy that I’ve found a true lover of this breed. Austen is passionate about quality and getting it right.

From the first phone call to our last handshake, I received the best support and had all my questions answered with confidence. My entire process was met with professionalism and tact. I was happy to get pictures of the puppies as they grew and hear stories of their bloodline as I eagerly awaited the day to pick them up!

Yes, I got two! Brother and Sister, Lucky and Lady. The puppies have brought so much love and happiness to our family. These dogs are incredibly intelligent, well-tempered, and amazing companions!

Austen and I still maintain a relationship and check in on each other ever so often to share pictures and stories of the pups! I see myself working with them again in the future and hope to build a solid friendship throughout the years.


March 15th was a special day in our lives, we arrived at Phillips Labradors and left with our Tony! I would like to say a few words about our breeder, Austen.

This is the first testimonial in my life, I usually do not do that. But I wanted to write about this person, maybe it will be helpful to those people who want to bring a miracle to their home.

I found Austen on the Internet. It is extremely difficult to take such an important step in our life after only reading an online advertisement. It’s even adventurous! But his photos and texts bought me, and we made a decision.


This is our first dog, and we were not mistaken!

Austen is not just a pleasant person, but he is also very knowledgeable and responsible. We were communicating for more than two months, and there was never a time when he didn’t answer a question.

Tony’s Mom is Marina, and his Dad is Joe.

But when we were picking up our Tony we saw all of his dogs! They are so beautiful! All of them! Austin lives in a beautiful home where all of his inhabitants look free and happy!

I’m happy that I found Austen! He loves his home and his magical white four-legged friends. Tony brought a lot of happiness to our house!

Thank you Austen, you are the best!


On behalf of my family and myself, I would like to thank you for making our day and my dream come true.

We started the process of getting an English Lab with two other breeders before giving up very disappointed. We finally found you by luck, karma or divine intervention.

From the very beginning, you were different. Every step was explained in detail. Nothing was left to chance. In addition, once we made our deposit we started getting updates and pictures every couple of days. These, of course, got shared with our family and friends through social media.

All our friends were almost as excited as we were to welcome our new puppy “Jake” into our home.

Last but not least, I personally really respect your thoroughness. The attention to detail with the food, supplements and vet visits assured an excited new owner like me that you did everything possible to make sure the breeding was right and the pups all had great features



After having numerous labs throughout my adult life, my husband and I knew when we lost our last dog we wanted another lab. But not just any lab, I had my heart set on a White-English Labrador. Little did I know those are not so easy to come by, especially in Texas, so after searching on the internet I stumbled upon Phillips Labradors. I read on Austen’s page all about his girl Nahla and the father of her next litter, Ace, and I fell in love.

The litter was expected to arrive on January 16th, which happened to be the day I found the site. I assumed the whole litter had been spoken for but I went out on a limb and contacted Austen to say I was interested in one of the upcoming little girls.

He emailed me back to inform me that only had the litter been born that day, but that there were still some puppies available. I knew at that minute it was fate and told him we were in! Seeing as we were in on day one, the two-month wait to pick her up seemed like an eternity.

Austen sent us pictures almost daily and I think that is the only thing that got me through the wait. It was such a blessing to watch our little girl grow with her brother and sisters, and it only built the excitement for our approaching arrival. When the long two months were up we drove to down to pick up our little girl, Aspen.

It was truly love at first sight for every member of our family and we could not be happier. It was so great to be able to meet Nahla, the loving mother to our little girl, and to see what a sweet and nurturing disposition she has. Austen was helpful and so kind when we came to pick up Aspen; even giving us a starter-pack and medical binder (which we still use!).

Aspen has been one of the best dogs I have ever had! She is so easily trained and already had knowledge of some basic commands when we got her (thanks Austen!).

We live on a lake, and after being informed by Austen about what a water-lover Nahla is, we knew it was only a matter of time before Aspen found the water at the bottom of our yard.

Sure enough, about a week after coming home she moseyed on down to the water and it has been a love affair ever since. Aspen has never met a stranger and is genuinely excited to engage with everyone she meets. Everyone that meets Aspen is completely taken by what a beautiful dog she is and immediately wants to know where we got her.

We can not say enough good things about Austen and Phillips Labradors. Aspen is the most perfect addition to our family and we fall more in love with her every day.


My experience with Austen and Phillips Labradors was seamless and truly amazing. He answered all of my (many) questions thoroughly and made me feel totally comfortable about making the life-changing decision of getting a puppy.

He kept me updated and informed throughout the entire process with pictures and encouraging messages, both before and after picking up my puppy. Austen really, really cares about his puppies and it shows – my boy Bubby is healthy, very sweet, and the best decision I’ve made!

I would recommend Phillips Labradors to anyone considering getting a white lab puppy. His puppies are so beautiful and Bubby gets compliments everywhere we go!




I only picked Ace up a couple days ago but I cannot explain the joy he has already brought into my life as well as the rest of my family. In the few days that he has been home Ace loves to run around in the grass and play in the pool. Ace also loves to be around everyone in the family.


I grew up with a lab but I am proud to say that Ace is the first dog that I bought on my own. I was referred to Austen by a family friend. Before contacting Austen I had spoken with several different breeders and I wish I would have never even done so. Austen is one of the most down to earth and passionate people I have ever met in my life. During the whole process he answered every single question that I had (and trust me I had a ton). With every answer Austen made me feel more and more confident with my choice to go with Phillips Labradors. By the time puppy pickup day came around I didn’t feel like I was going to pick up a dog from just some breeder, I can honestly say that I felt like I was getting Ace from a newfound friend. I know for a fact that I will stay in contact with Austen and continue to grow not a partnership but a true friendship. Along with that I have been able to meet people in my community who have Phillips Labradors of their own. When you go with Austen and Phillips Labradors you are entering into a family of not only fantastic dogs but great people as well. 


Austen cares about his dogs more than anything. He takes great pride in raising puppies that are going to be a great addition to your family and that is without a doubt what Ace is for me. I  can’t wait to see what the future has in store of me and Ace. Thanks to Austen I have a fantastic family member who brings joy to everyone he comes into contact with. 


I cannot thank Austen enough for everything he has done for me and for the joy he has brought into my life with Ace. Along with his friendship and the other Phillips Labrador owners who I have been able to meet because of him I could not be happier with my decision to go with Austen as my breeder. I will have a Phillips Labrador in my family for as long as possible.